Colorsteel roof colours

New Zealand’s two native flax varieties harakeke and wharariki are visible all over country, in various climates and soil, from the sides of Wellington’s motorways to the shores of Lake Horowhenua.

While the two varieties are slightly different, both have a distinctive flower that is well loved by the tui and bellbird.

The flowers of these two varieties range from dark red to a yellowish green, and often rise above the spiked leaves. After flowering flax seed pods offer a deep, rich black with a hint of red brown in it. It’s these pods which symbolise the true colours and tones of New Zealand’s rich and diverse native forest.

So, it’s not surprising that these tones resonate with New Zealand homeowners when it comes to choosing a roof colour. Kiwis don’t like to stand out too much, and coming from such a beautiful country, we appreciate a good clear views of our natural landscape.

COLORSTEEL FlaxPod®, now available in an understated Matte finish, is a popular colour choice. Having a matte finish delivers richness and depth of colour throughout the day. This helps it blend in well with a range of natural and contemporary materials and finishes, whilst seamlessly merging with the landscape.

COLORSTEEL® Matte is ideal for roofing, cladding, fascia, rainwater goods and garage panel door applications

Available in three colours: FlaxPod®, TidalDrift® and SnowStone® Start your COLORSTEEL® journey with Roof It today. Get in touch with Roof It to request a free colour or product sample.