Inspired by the natural colours of Aotearoa, Coloursteel® prepainted steel has protected New Zealand homes for over 30 years. Coloursteel® is designed and developed to look great in every kiwi environment.

The colours of Aotearoa New Zealand

Colours for every home

Express your personal style

Made from NZ Steel

Manufactured in Wellington

Built to last

Made to withstand the harshest NZ weather conditions

When choosing a COLORSTEEL® roof colour, here are some factors you to consider.

Climate: Your colour choice can affect the temperature inside your home or building. In warmer climates, lighter colours reflect sunlight and keep your space cooler. In colder climates, darker colours absorb sunlight and keep your room warmer.

Location: The environment surrounding your home can determine the colours you choose. If your property is surrounded by lush bush, you may want to choose a colour that compliments the natural setting. If you’re in an urban area with a lot of concrete, you may want to choose a bold or vibrant colour that helps make your building stands out.

Style of your building: The colours you choose should complement the style of your home or building. For example, a modern home might look best with sleek, dark colours, while a traditional home might look best with more classic colours.

Maintenance: Some colours may require more maintenance than others to keep them looking clean and new. Lighter colours may show dirt and debris more easily than darker colours.

Resale value: If you plan to sell your home or building in the future, it’s a good idea to choose generic colours as fad colour trends may be polarizing to potential buyers.

Personal preference: Ultimately the colour you choose should be one that reflects your lifestyle and design taste. After all, it is you who will have to live with it. Make sure it makes you happy, so you get the most joy out of it.

Colorsteel roof